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My name is Asher Lev

” The fact is that gossip, rumors, mythmaking, and news stories are not apropriate vehicles for the communication of nukances of truth, those subtle vehicels for the communication of nuances of truth, those subtle tonalities that are often the truly crucial elements in a causal chain.So it is tine the the defense, for a long session in demythology. But I will not apologize. It is absurd to apologize for a mystery. ”

Ths is a passage that shows the author’s intent that we wants to tell us the truth of what really happened. It’s like I can almost feel how the author felt like. If I were him, I would feel frustrated and feel heavy that no one knows the true story. I would want to tell it to everyone that the gossip is fake, just like the author. I can feel the sympathy of the author. Also, I would have felt bad towards the world, so I would have said that I would not apologize for a mystery,too. If everyone finds out the true story of what happened, I would feel happy too. (Maybe not becasue he might not be that kind and nice and good).


Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth-Picasso

There are many beautiful art around us, like Mona Lisa. She is beautiful scientifically. She has the golden ratio of a face. That is why she is os pretty. The fact is not that, though. Most people do not have the perfect face. They do not have the golden ratio. Only a minority of people have that face. It is a lie. It is a lie that makes us realize the truth that we are mot as pretty as Mona Lisa or all the great paintings. Also, it is true that art is a lie. It is not real, and we made it up. Yet, we can learn something from it . For example, there was a famous video artist called Baek Nam Joon. He did all sorts of weird performances such as breaking the piano or the violin, or cutting off an audience’s necktie. He did all of this to give us a lesson. Cutting off a man’s necktie as a performance was to break people’s fixed idea that poweful men should always wear neckties. He gave a lesson to all of us. That is making us┬árealizinf the truth, while art is a lie. Therefore, art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.